New website

12.12.2010 / Start rewriting code

Somewhere in May 2001 I builded a simple website to join the information on building my CHN8020 transceiver with my friends. They had plans to build the same transceiver en could use the help of picutres an other info. One thing leads to another and after some time the contents of that homepage was larger than originally intended.

The first steps in HTML programming were done with MS-Frontpage 98 who, unfortunately, made a mishmash of the code. I switched to (good old) Boxer Text Editor with which I had developed a lot of Clipper code in the past. In 2002 I restyled the HTML pages to HTML 4.0 standaard en some CSS for styling. Still a lot of tables where used to position text and images. Not the right choice, I know but only in 2008 I started reading books about CSS and XHTML, converted all pages to new XHTML conventions and ... dropped the idea of updating my site again. To must work.

Driven by the ugly layout of my current homepage because of the modern width screen LCD monitors, I intended to use the winter months 2010 to look after a useable template and rewrite the whole website.
The templates from D. Carter are written entirely in XHTML 1.1 and CSS. This combination of XHTML and CSS ensures that the website is forward compatible, quick loading and easily customisable. These standards compliant website templates are released as an 'open source' design (under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 licence), which means that one is free to download and use it for anything you want (including modifying and amending it).

16.12.2010 / First page finished

The 'About' page is finished. Need to decide which pages are comming back or split and combined with other information.

19.12.2010 / CHN8020

Not so very much to edit anymore. Most XHTML rules were OK, but those pictures need to be replaced by better copies some time. There is more photographic material available in the image folder -> sort out.
The page 'QRPRIGS' is new. SOme kind of submenu page to avoid a large amount of buttons in the main page. Fine possibility to add new projects.

20.12.2010 / HW8

Same as with CHN8020. Quite easy to port to XHTML, leaving only the mark-up in the HTML page and style in a CSS file. Need new pictures for this page too. Also finished last part of 'INDEX' page. Now looking for suitable logo pictures.

22.12.2010 / Paddles

Sounds boring, but picture quality isn't good enough. They need to be replaced soon.

27.12.2010 / Drake page

No so easy as previous pages. Also some parts of the text were rewritten and I don't like the layout. Large pics or smaller ones? I don't know, it aint my profession -> ask a pro.

30.12.2010 / NC20

The first part was easy. Learning goes fast, but how to change the 92 pictures counting part of the building process? In the old site there was an HTML file for every picture with associating text and so on. Nowadays there are nice image viewers but I (still) don't want to use Javascript, only pure CSS. Stu Nicholls (CSSplay) developed a lot of CSS solutions and I used and modified some code from a vertical viewer. Good enough for my site.

08.01.2011 / Paddles

I have found the original pictures somewhere on the harddisk of my computer. They seem to be better than the ones I used for this page.

24.01.2011 / Upload website

After 43 days (evening hours and weekends) of editting and experimenting with XHTML and CSS the new website is ready to replace the old pages. Some work needs to be done like new pictures here and there. Please let me know if something is not correct.

17.04.2018 / Old links updated

Seven years after launching this website, some url's needed an update.

14.07.2020 / Old links updated

Some url's needed an update or disappeared from the internet.

25.07.2020 / QRP SWR meter added

I build a QRP SWR meter in a PC-board box for outdoor usage with stuff from the junkbox.

16.05.2021 / Website moved

The website has moved to because ISP discontinued their hosting services. Some metadata and Google Analytics are added.

02.02.2023 / Website moved

Removed outdated links and made all links to uniform.