About me


In October 1972, when I was studying electro technics, two of my teachers invited students to join the school's radio club. It was a club without members at the time and everyone who was interested in radio was very welcome. So I became a member and there I met one of my best friends until now, Rien PA0TRT. Together we started listening the HF bands with the old army receivers BC312 and BC348. The antennas were simple long wires. Then, after a decent study we got our Class-C licence at the end of 1973 and we build our first 144MHz FM transmitters.

In 1976, I graduated to Class-A license (CW examination) being able to make radio contacts on all amateur frequencies from now on. I've always been interested in building and using small transceivers and other related equipment. CW is my favourite mode.

Throughout the years we have done a lot of antenna experiments, especially during the Jamboree's On The Air. With another friend, Wim PA0VAM (formerly PA3AJI), we have been running a Jamboree station for many years (starting in 1985) joining the Thomas More Scouting Group in Prinsenbeek, here in the south of the Netherlands.
We all three are users of Drake equipment and each of us owns a TR7. Rien and I also own the good old 4C-Line twins. My TR7 is the oldest one (S/N 3157) and is upgraded at several points to the -if possible- level of later versions the R.L. Drake Company sold.

When visiting the camping sites during the summer or whatever other outside activity for instance a fieldday, I like to spend some time to ham radio using homemade material, wire-antennas and -off course- my PC-board CW paddle and Norcal 20.

Ever since I'm a member of the Dutch "Vereniging voor Experimenteel Radio Onderzoek Nederland", the VERON and since 1995 also a member of the "Benelux QRP Club", the BQC.

Over the years the attic room changed. Below are two pictures that give you an idea how my shack is decorated.

Shack PA0CMU 2001

Shack PA0CMU 2004